Unmind Photoshoot

I had the chance to do the Art direction for the shooting of the rebrand and work with the content team at Unmind. I created the mood board and gave my vision for the shoot and the Do's and Don'ts. Photography is one of our most ownable brand elements. It makes it feel relatable and captures moments in time that embody real and raw collective experiences. 1. Proof with passion - the photography communicates emotion, nothing else. You get a sense these people are determined to make wellbeing work better for them. 2. Simplicity over complexity - The style is simple and doesn’t distract away from focusing attention on the feeling. You ‘see’ the cast and they see you. 3. Bring life to life - Portraits are shot close enough to hug. You can feel the team (not family) vibes in group shots. This is a safe, hopeful space.

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