About me

Bold and simple

I have a curious and creative nature, I am confident and driven.

Ho hey!

Hey there, I'm Steve Dineur, a brand designer and art director with a solid 12 years of experience under my belt. I've had the pleasure of working in various agencies and startups, soaking up all kinds of creative inspiration along the way.

Originally from Brussels, you can now find me in the vibrant heart of London, where I'm on a mission to bring ideas to life through design. For over 5 years now, I'm all about crafting compelling brand stories, campaigns and taking a bold approach to everything I do.

What truly sets my work apart is my unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends. I thrive on the fast-paced evolution of design and branding, and I absolutely love keeping my hands on the pulse of new developments.

Let's create something amazing together!

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What I do and how I do it

I offer a comprehensive suite of creative services centered around brand design and art direction, where I work closely with clients and in house fellow designers to craft a unique visual identity and provide expert guidance in bringing  creative projects to life.

I collaborate closely with you to create visual assets, and brand guidelines that reflect your unique story and resonate with your target audience. I elevate your creative projects to new heights, whether it's for advertising campaigns, editorial shoots, or digital content. I provide expert guidance in conceptualizing, coordinating, and executing visuals that convey your desired message and emotion.

With a keen eye for aesthetics, a passion for storytelling, and a commitment to excellence, my services in brand design and art direction are your gateway to achieving visual excellence and establishing a compelling brand presence. Let's collaborate, and together we'll turn your creative vision into a powerful reality.

My key to succes is to always be informed on the new trends, stay curious, bold and open to the best solution.

Brand Design

Brand Design

I create strong and unique stories through the power of strong visual languages and communication or campaigns for you brand

Brand audit

Brand strategy

Visual identity

Design guide

Art Direction

Art Direction

I provide creative solutions and strategic insights to help businesses. My work combines innovation and expertise to drive success for clients

Creative solution



Design system



I capture moments and tell stories through the lens, creating compelling visual narratives that resonate with viewers

Creative direction


Location scouting

Photography and editing